The Wildlife by Alfred Hitchcock

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The Wildlife by Alfred Hitchcock

Post  uyyutyuoyu on Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:21 pm

And perhaps Tabatha didn't like university or her buddies. The next big assault was on her buddies at her wedding. And then of course the popular landscape where the crows huge in the university garden while Tippi rests using tobacco and the kids are in the educational setting performing a persons tune.Then the crows assault the kids. And Annie is murdered after forcing Tabatha within.

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Hmmm, perhaps there's some type of illegal psychological connection between Tippi and Cathy? Maybe Tabatha is envious of her sibling - after all, Tippi provided the really like wildlife to her, not to him. Maybe she wants the wonderful paper heiress's really like for herself. Maybe that describes one more landscape, where Tippi is the one injured.


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